McGuire Performance Solutions Rebrands to MountainView

In 2014, MountainView acquired McGuire Performance Solutions. Since the acquisition, we have successfully built upon our shared philosophy of independence and transparency as well as our significant synergies around the quality and depth of our combined analytic solutions.

In March 2017, we rebranded the company as MountainView Financial Solutions with the goal of creating a single brand name that better reflects the company's overall mission to "empower our financial services partners to make informed and confident decisions."  

As part of the rebrand,  McGuire Performance Solutions will fully adopt the MountainView brand. In the near future, all of our services will be provided to you under one name!

Our Story 

About MountainView Financial Solutions

MountainView Financial Solutions (, a leading advisor to the financial services industry, provides rigorous and objective analysis, data-driven insights, and client-centric delivery that helps business leaders Climb Higher™ by better identifying, quantifying and managing credit and interest rate risk exposure and optimizing balance sheet management. Fueled by deep industry knowledge and unparalleled access to valuable market and industry data, MountainView delivers a more holistic view of risk and opportunity, enabling clients to make confident and informed decisions.